I have proudly served on our local School Committee for 12 years and several years as it’s Chair. Both my children went through the public schools and one is now in the Air Force serving our Country and another is currently at a State College studying to become a school teacher herself. Education and more specifically high quality public education is of utmost importance to me.”

I am very concerned that common core is being driven by bureaucrats in Washington DC and are putting profits over education. I support keeping our educational system local where it can be better managed with input from actual educators here in the Commonwealth. We have the best schools in the nation and we should remain that way.

We are much too hyper-focused on high-stakes testing within our public schools. Testing is important to measure a students progress but we have lost focus and have begun teaching to a test. Other disciplines such as history, government, the arts, and physical education have suffered because of our modern-day obsession with testing. In Massachusetts we need to return to teaching to the whole student and not just math and English. This will also take stress off of teachers to be more creative to make sure our students actually learn and aren’t just test takers.

After high school I was able to work part-time and go to school part-time as I put myself through college . That is not an option for most students today. Our state colleges and universities should be an option for all students and not cripple them with debt after graduation. My daughter is currently at a State school and it is still rather expensive for us to manage as a family which includes her working.

Pre-School and kindergarten create the foundation for a successful education. There must be more collaboration between public school districts and preschools so that curriculum can be shared between the two. I also support full day kindergarten for each community in Massachusetts.