I am astonished Mr. Lesser has the audacity to say the following in his recent viewpoint:

That’s why any strategy for economic growth in Western Massachusetts must include support and expansion for our local small businesses. To do this, we must focus on addressing two of the biggest challenges small businesses face: limited access to financing, and unnecessary or outdated government roadblocks that keep entrepreneurs from starting and expanding.

Read Mr. Lesser’s Viewpoint in it’s entirety here.

I am astonished because when he was presented with a straight forward way to support us small business owners across the Commonwealth; Mr. Lesser gave us the stiff arm. He voted against a simple measure to reduce the LLC license filing fee from $500 to $250; yet he has the gall to speak about “outdated government roadblocks”. Full story here

Massachusetts currently has one of the highest filing fees for LLC’s in the nation and we will remain that way thanks to votes like this by Mr. Lesser. This amendment would have helped over 4,000 active LLC’s with 6 or fewer employees. Also to note; this was not a partisan issue as several of his Democratic colleagues voted in favor of this amendment to the budget to help small businesses and an author of a similar bill is a Democratic Senator from the Gateway city of Lowell; Senator Eileen Donoghue. Bill info here.

I would have voted in favor of this measure as your State Senator because I know a good idea is a good idea regardless of what side of the aisle it comes from.

Mr. Lesser wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to show up for photo opps and write pieces about caring for small businesses and present one thing through his press machine out here in Western Massachusetts but do another thing on Beacon Hill and hope we do not find out. He was actually given the opportunity to help small businesses and he balked and instead contributes to the same issues he writes against. This is politics at it’s worst. He votes against the best interest of his district to curry political favors for his career and hopes his constituents never find out. Sadly this is typical for a politician like Mr. Lesser.

As an actual small business owner for the last 13 years, in this district, I can tell you that Massachusetts is not a business friendly state. Mr. Lesser is very naïve on this subject and my fellow small business owners are very well aware of his already poor voting record for businesses.

This is not the only time he has voted one way and then said another; and over the course of our race I will be there to make sure the voters and the taxpayers of this district know that he is the epitome of an establishment, insider, politician with his goals set on the furthering of his career not on what is best for his district and specifically in this case, us small business owners.

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